Sad| A young lady left mzansi in tears after she revealed what DJ Sumbody did for her husband

DJ Sumbody (born 9 June) whose real name is Oupa John Sefoka is a South African disc jockey and radio presenter popular for his hit songs, Ayepyep and Monate Mpolaye.

It’s sad that, DJ Sumbody was gunned down on Sunday morning after he has just finished performing at Woodmed Cafe in joburg. People are now suspecting that a hitmen could have been hired to send him to his ancestors, but we still waiting for his family to release an official statement.

As Dj Sumbody was a king of soft life, people had always presumed him to be a bad person who looks down on other people, but it appears that Sumbody was a kind hearted person.

Soon after he was announced dead, a young beautiful lady, by the name of Angela Molele went to write down a heartbreaking statement, revealing all the beautiful things he did for her and her husband and her statement left MZansi in tears.

Angela Molele is now Dj Vetty’s wife and her husband was a close friend of Dj Sumbody. According to Angela, she and her husband come from a poor background and one day her husband left for Pretoria to seek a better life for the 2 of them. She claims that her husband met Dj Sumbody in a taxi and they talked business.

She said that they clicked immediately and Sumbody gave Vetty’s his number and he memorised them and till today he knows them by heart. She indicated that from that day, they became best friends, and today she’s living a soft life because of them.

“My husband comes from a very poor background. One day he decided to pack his bags and go look for a better life in Pretoria (not knowing where he was going to sleep or what he was going to eat). He then met a Good Samaritan by the name of DJ Sumbody in the taxi. They had a chat.”





“And clicked immediately. Sumby gave Vettys his numbers (not knowing that he was actually stranded). Vettys then memorised the numbers and till today he still knows his numbers off by heart! The duo has been inseparable since then. Sumby has since treated Vettys like his brother,” she wrote.

“The life I have and know today is all thanks to these 2 guys and I’m shattered that I’ve lost the one soldier of the Tom and Jerry duo,” she added.

She also went to post a video of Dj Sumbody surprising her husband with diesel sneakers which are very expensive and they were so beautiful. Watch the clip below:

Her statement left many people heartbroken and they were all left in tears after they found out how good a person Dj Sumbody was, and many of them went to console the poor young lady as she had suffered a great loss.

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