SABC News star Peter Ndoro is not a South African, Here is his actual country of Birth

Because of the way Peter Ndori speaks English, the majority of people used to believe that he is from South Africa. His voice has a South African accent. Additionally, he has extensive experience in South African broadcasting. Peter Ndoro was not born in South Africa; instead, he came to England to live with his family after leaving his native Zimbabwe.

Peter Ndoro returned to Zimbabwe at the age of 15. He began to follow his broadcasting career there. He went to school in Harare, Zimbabwe. He spends six months working at Zimbabwean Radio after graduating. He then relocated to South Africa to continue his broadcasting education. With his accent and English fluency, Peter Ndoro won over South African Broadcasting, which led to him beginning to land roles on radio and television. Peter Ndoro previously worked for KayaFM, and he currently contributes to SABC News and morning Live.


Because of his tone, which doesn’t sound like that of Zimbabweans when he talks, people were stunned into silence, supposing him to be a South African.