SA Top Celebrity Grilled After She Was Spotted Doing This With Her Lover

Khanya Mkangisa has made to the headlines again with her lover. She is a South African award winning television presenter who gained more popularity when presenting on Yotv. It is one of the top watched television shows in the country. She also presented on Selimathunzi and won the love of many people. She is one of the talented and creative celebrities in the world. The world knows her as the courageous and energetic woman.

She is also one of the talented actresses that South Africa has who has acted on so many casts including the River and Isidingo. As young as she is, she is an inspiration to many young people. A video that has been circulating on social media has left people talking. This is a video of her with her lover at a vacation. She decided to spend the weekend with her partner but people ended up calling her names.




Her partner has just recently called it quits and people are blaming her for the divorce. They say she should not have dated him while he was still married. They believe that she destroyed the family of another woman for her own happiness. She has been called names and others say she is a home wrecker all because the man chose to spend the time with him. Blaming a woman for decisions taken by her partner is really wrong because all men have the ability to take their own decisions.

No one is forcing him to stay in a relationship with her and most importantly people should refrain from being judgemental and allow others to live their lives freely. Such words and humiliation has made many celebrities to end their lives. Cyber bullying is one of the major problems being faced in the world and it’s like people will continue to use social media to destroy others.What you like will definitely not be what another person likes. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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