SA Superstar Makhadzi In Legal Trouble Because Of This, Will This Be The End Her Career?

Many of the celebrities in the country will be visiting the courts soon since some of them have been given warrants of arrest while others are being sued by the companies with which they partnered. One of them is Makhadzi. She is currently one of the most celebrated South African artists at the moment, and many people enjoy watching her perform as well as enjoying listening to her music. She has proven that she is a hard-working young woman, and she also works hard in making sure that she promotes her craft and she shares her talent with the world because it is what she loves doing.

Ever since she got into the entertainment industry, she has received a lot of love from the public because of what a humble being she has been and has also shown that she enjoys helping other individuals. As an artist and a celebrity, she has also had her fair share of scandals, but they were not as hectic as most celebrity scandals. She has also been in the media for many positive things that she does, but unfortunately, it seems like Makhadzi will be facing her first law suit, which has left many of her fans in shock.




A few months ago, Makhadzi shared with people her new business venture, and she was venturing into entrepreneurship. She introduced her new sneakers, which got both positive and negative responses from the public. But now Makhadzi is being sued by the sneaker manufacturer who she partnered with in making her sneakers, and they state that they made 20,000 pairs of these sneakers and only 20 of them were sold. Makhadzi has also not been meeting the end of her deal by promoting her sneakers and wearing them,and they blame the low sales on Makhadzi.

So the sneaker manufacturer has stated that Mackenzie needs to pay them an amount of R8 million, or she must take it upon herself to sell the sneakers.