SA Singer Opened Up About Her Abusive Relationship, And How Her Former Partner Left Her Broke

Abuse comes in many different ways and it also does not pick and choose who it targets People from wealthy backgrounds can also become victims of abuse, just as those from impoverished backgrounds can also become victims of abuse. South Africa is especially known as a country where abuse is rife and is known to be one of the countries that is unsafe for a woman or a child to exist in. The statistics for abuse as well as gender-based violence in the country are at a concerning rate. It shows that on a daily basis gender-based violence takes place and there are many cases that go unreported.

And those who do open up about their abuse experiences are not believed by anyone most of the time, and they unfortunately get disappointed by the law because justice does not take place and it favours the perpetrator. There have been many cases where celebrities in the entertainment industry have opened up about their own abuse experiences and because they have such a big platform, their cases have been given a lot of attention. Yesterday, South Africans on social media were left in a state of shock when a singer known as Moneoa opened up about her former partner and how he treated her in their relationship, which was very abusive, physically and financially.





Moneoa is a singer who has released music that many South Africans enjoyed listening to, and a few years back, she was one of the biggest stars in the industry, and then she just disappeared. With people wondering where she actually is or if she quit the music industry, But then yesterday, on Instagram live, she finally opened up about what she was going through. She met her partner in 2017, and shared that the first year of her relationship was going well even though she noticed some things about him that made her question him. Things like him saying that he was a property developer, owning a few hotels in some parts of the country but he would sleep and spend most of his time with her in her two-bedroom apartment, and would not even help her with the rent.

He also did not want her to meet his alleged business partner or see the hotels that he claimed he owned and also lived in. Her partner started getting physically abusive towards her, making big debts that he left her in now and is also the reason why she is no longer doing music or getting paid from it because she does not own any of her songs. What Moneoa revealed left many people heartbroken ,while other women could also relate to what she was going through because they too were blinded by love.