SA Dj Surprises many people by Revealing that she is Bisexual.

Gender stereotypes are still a huge problem around the world, especially in Africa where most people are still loyal to their past cultural believes. However gender stereotyping is not only rife and limited to Africans even other nations that have strong religious beliefs do have strict gender stereotypes.




With South Africa being a free and democratic society, everyone is free and allowed to practice and express how they feel. Gay and lesbian marriages are also allowed to take place in this democratic country. So many people are allowed freedom of expression. The LGBTQ society has also been empowered and represents its people fairly.

Uncle Waffles who is a growing Amapiano DJ has openly told people on social media that she is a bisexual person. She also indicated that at the moment she is in a heterosexual relationship.

For those who may not be having a clear understanding of what she said, in simple terms, she is bisexual meaning she’s attracted to both male and female. Heterosexual relationship means she is currently in a relationship with a man. When a man and a woman are in a relationship it is called Heterosexual relationship.