SA citizen shares step-by-step guide on how she deals with Covid-19 in China

A Twitter user’s thread on panicking during the Covid-19 pandemic has gone viral.

On Wednesday SA had 116 cases.

As officials are tracing people who have come into contact with those who have tested positive, debate on dealing with the virus in SA has dominated social media.



Slindile Mhlongo, a South African living in China, took to Twitter on Tuesday to share how she is dealing with the pandemic.

Instead of panicking, Mhlongo said she’s been practising social distancing for 58 days and it has helped her cope.

“I don’t have everything figured out, nor am I any less worried that when this pandemic first hit in a town four hours away from my location, but calming my nerves and monitoring what triggers my anxiety has carried me a long way.

“Stress manifests itself in the weirdest ways. If you fail to find a means to calm and ease your stress, you might fall sick and then you won’t be able to assess whether you’ve got a fever from stress or you’re actually sick and [might

end up] endangering yourself or you loved ones. Focus on what is within your control.”

Read her full thread below: