SA celebrities who were involved in cheating Scandals in 2022

A number of celebrity have been embroiled in cheating scandal this year alone. Some of the allegations are substantiated by proof while others are simply baseless. Today we are counting celebrities who have been involved in cheating scandals in 2022.
1. Minnie Dlamini

Minnie came out early this year to announce that she has broken up with the father of her child and that they have filed for divorce. Later on, allegations emerged and it was claimed that she cheated on her husband and that’s what what led to the demise of her marriage. She denied the allegations and threatened lawsuit against the person who started the rumour.
2. Mihlali Ndamase






The beautician and social media influencer Mihlali Ndamase has been embroiled in a cheating scandal with her current man. Mihlali is reported to have cheated with business man Leeroy Sidambe who is married to Mary Jane Sidambe. It is rumoured that Leeroy and his wife are now in the process of divorcing. Mihlali Ndamase and Leeroy Sidambe are proud to share intimate pictures of each other regardless of how majority of people view their relationship
3. Kwesta.

A few months ago allegations emerged against the rapper Kwesta. It was believed that he is cheating on his wife with a woman who is known as Nthabiseng. The two were spotted at the same place. The girl also made some interesting remarks about the rapper. Kwesta and his wife Yolanda seems to still be going strong despite the allegations.





4. Londie London

Hlubi Nkosi, Londie London baby’s father is reported to have cheated on her. Londie is pregnant with their second kid while the businessman is allegedly expecting a child with a woman by the name of Phumla M.

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