SA Actor left Mzansi heartbroken after he was spotted with one leg

Isreal Matseke Zulu is one of the South Africa’s longest serving actors who has done extremely well in those years that he played in.

However, there were rumours that the South African legend is sick, and that is the main reason why he left the Mzansi Magic local drama series, Gomora.

Israel Matseke Zulu’s illness has left the who people of South Africa heartbroken, however, it was not specifically stated how his condition is.

But now, he was in public for the first time since he disappeared a while ago.

A picture showed that indeed the South African legend now has one leg, which is something many people were really not expecting.

He played a role of Don Buthelezi in the Mzansi Magic local drama series. Apart from Gomora, he also played parts in many others shows including Zone 14, Yizo Yizo and more.

People are hoping that he will soon get better.