Robot Boii’s post left Mzansi dazed as he penned a heartfelt message for his sister on her birthday

The entertainment industry provides employment opportunities for many people. From street performers to artists who make movies, those who make music and sell stages, they’re part of the entertainment industry that boosts the economy in many ways. The entertainment industry has introduced us to so many talented stars in Mzansi as it is broad.

One of the most incredible and talented stars we got to meet in this extraordinary industry, is Robot Boii who is a multi-talented celebrity. Robot Boii is a South African singer, presenter and dancer. The well-known recognized artist was inspired by the stage name of roboticist Chad Smith.




Robot developed an interest in dancing at the age of fifteen. He draws inspiration from multiple videos including Mad Chad. The star has invented some new dance moves with his hit tracks, he has released some of the most amazing music in Mzansi and a lot of people love his music.

Apart from his work as a musician, the star is known for being someone who values family more than anything. Even though he does not share much on his family, he sometimes does. The star recently shared amazing pictures with his sister on his Instagram account, he penned a message for her as she was celebrating her birthday.

Robot Boii captioned his post: “Happy Birthday to the 1st Born of the House 🤍 Thank you for holding it down for us your Sibling and for being the perfect Template @teembuli_sidaki – All for one & one for all”. His heartfelt message to his sister left many of his fans absolutely stunned, while many others joined him in wishing his sister well.