RIP| Young doctor sadly passed away after revealing this to the public

Social media platforms are a place where people are free to write anything, people use these platforms to share their stories, vent, cry and ask for help. Many people write what they are going through or the situations that they are in hoping to get help from people who are on social media.


Some use social media platforms to ask for financial help, advertise businesses and ask for prayers for situations that they are facing.

A young Nigerian female doctor also tried to use social media platform, Twitter to ask for prayers after she got shot in a train.


27 year-old Nigerian doctor, Dr Chinelo Nwando Megafu, sadly passed away after revealing the following to the public: “I’m in the train. I have been shot please pray for me.”

She used, Twitter to reveal that she had been shot in a train and asked for people to pray for her.

According to the source, Dr Chinelo was travelling alongside many others on the Abuja-Kabuda train when they were attacked by terrorists, unfortunately she was shot in pain and eventually took her last breath.

Dr Chinelo revealed to the public that she has been shot and asked for prayers, while trapped in a train on Monday, 28th March.

The beautiful young woman, Dr Chinelo was a Dental surgeon who worked at St. Gerard Catholic Hospital in Kaduna, she had visted Abuja when the tragedy occurred.

Photo credit/ Twitter.


Dr Chinelo has no idea that taking the train could lead to her death, there was no way of knowing what her fate would be while she took the train.

He life was cut short at a very young age even, because of the violence in Nigeria, She was very young and still had so much to achieve.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.