RIP: Well Known Actor And Model Shot And Killed

People woke up to shocking news on social media today. One can never get used to death, even though it is something that has to happen. What’s worse is, you don’t even know when you are next. A person may be living their best life today, only to be reported dead the following day.

It seems as though he had an impact on most people, and they can’t even hide that on the replies. Some are still in disbelief, and some cannot believe that he was killed in his own country.




Chris Kazadi was a model and actor, and he has now been confirmed to have passed away.

He was the founder and CEO of Click Media, which also confirmed his passing via its page. They deleted the tweet that confirmed his death, but some had already seen it. It is said that he left South Africa for Botswana to attend the forbes30under30 summit then went to Congo, which is his home, and he was reportedly shot and killed there. The company deleted the tweet but his death has been confirmed.

Chris is said to have been a really nice person, whose generosity has been experienced by many. May his soul rest in peace.