RIP : This 2 Girls Died Very Painfully, See How They Were Killed And What People Did to A Suspect

Sunday morning, July 3rd, GAUTENG-Masabata Phiri (22) and Angie Mafatshe (17) were murdered in Tarlton, Johannesburg. Masabata had just celebrated her 22nd birthday when she was discovered fatally stabbed. Angie was attacked alongside her companion Basetsana Mazibuko in a different incident.

Angie was murdered after being . Basetsana escaped the assault. One of the alleged culprits was found by the community, who then burned him to death.

Consider the remarks below:




Why is violence against children and women a national sport in South Africa? Our mothers, friends, sisters, and daughters deserve more than constant safety concerns. Good riddance. As a community, we are compelled to enforce the law.

We inhabit diseased cultures in which murdering is only a pastime. Seeing their bodies lying on the ground deeply affected me; I sobbed uncontrollably when I noticed the victim’s pants were down. Guys, we must urgently pray for our nation.

We inhabit a diseased planet.

May their souls find eternal repose

Enough is Enough, ladies, we must unite to end the murder of women and children, and let us protect one another. Let’s disprove men who abuse and murder women. #letsUnite

What will become of these children, oh South Africa, when they are forced to witness “mob” justice?

Alternatively, individuals must just take the law into their own hands…

Guys I’m afraid of xem.

May her spirit find eternal rest

I’ll say it again: I swear males want to eliminate women so they may date in peace.

We need God.. We cannot win this war on our own.

Our leaders are preparing to take action against those who protect themselves from animals while another human being is being killed for amusement.