RIP: South African fighter has died Phillip Mhlongo a passed away


Death had left South Africa impoverished once more. You may agree with me when I say that the year 2021 was nothing but a dreadful year for most of the country’s well-known families, since we lost so many lives in this year, including the bulk of celebrities.







May the Almighty continue to console all those who have lost dear ones. We’ve learnt about the notable people that died this year, including Shona Ferguson, Menzi Ngubane, Sharleen Surtie Richards, and many more.

Philip Mhlongo, a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters, died recently. Mhlongo died on Tuesday of this week, and his photos are presently trending on social media as friends and family pay respect to him. Many individuals in South Africa were taken aback by his passing.

Mhlongo is a member of the parliament of Umsinga. He was well-known for being a part of the Economic Freedom Fighters Provincial Command during the turmoil. In the early 1980s, he also worked with Umkhonto Wesizwe MK.


According to Social Telecast, “Phillip Mhlongo had over 2k followers on his Twitter account who followed him and tracked his life through his tweets.” After learning of his passing, Johann Abrie rushed to Facebook to pay tribute to the late statesman. Johann stated that he had known Phillip for more than 15 years and that they were quite close. He went on to say that since since they shared the happy news of being founder members of COPE, they had never agreed on anything and had opposing views and thoughts. It was incredibly surprising that they had little in common yet still bonded.

“Johann went on to say that he found out about Phillip’s untimely demise this morning and that he has been in excruciating anguish since then.” Phillip was described as an excellent political pundit with a bright mind. When Phillip was invited to a radio station where a debate was already in progress, he didn’t back down and emerged as the one with strong outspoken beliefs. It is heartbreaking to read of the death of EFF member Phillip Mhlongo, who was nothing short of a saint. However, Phillip’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed, and many people are still unaware of it.”

May his spirit find peace.

Who was Phillip Mhlongo and what was his cause of death? EFF leader passed away

What happened to Phillip Mhlongo, and what was the reason of his death? The EFF’s leader has died: The internet has been flooded with heartbreaking news about EFF leader Phillip Mhlongo, who died on Tuesday. The news has been widely disseminated on the internet. Everyone, especially his family, was taken aback by the news of his death. The family is going through a difficult moment as a result of his loss. Following the news of his death, netizens went to social media to express their condolences. His coworkers and friends are paying respect to him by posting his photo on social media. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and loved ones. In this essay, we will provide you with some vital information about him. More information may be found at

Phillip Mhlongo Death Cause

According to sources, EFF leader Phillip Mhlongo died on November 30. Many of his fans are grieving his passing after learning of his death. However, neither his family nor any of his close acquaintances have divulged the cause of his death. He had a large public fan base since he did so much for his own nation of South Africa that will never be forgotten. His family made no public announcements about his death. In this difficult moment, his family requires our help and compassion.

Who was Phillip Mhlongo?

Phillip Mhlongo was a South African parliamentarian from Umsinga, KwaZulu-Natal. He came from a Christian home. He finished his legal studies. He then joined the EFF Provincial Command Team. He was credited for expanding the EFF’s Umsinga province. He also worked in Umkhoto we Sizwe in 1986. (MK). “Fighter Phillip will be remembered for his discipline, passion for his country, and devoted devotion to the South African people as an EFF MP,” one of his known ones wrote.

He possessed a bright mind and was a historical powerhouse, as well as a razor-sharp political pundit. He was an authority on current events. He was the Provincial Secretary at the People’s Congress. Economic Freedom Fighters confirmed his death, confirming the tragic news. He was the most giving and nice person I’d ever met. Phillip Mhlongo, the EFF’s leader, died on November 30. We pray that God would give his family and friends the strength they need. May his spirit find peace.