RIP Popular Musician Sadly Passed Away.

We continue to learn about the passing of people that’s inspire so many in the entire world. Allow me to say the whole year took so many people that’s we truly admire and those people are setting the trends, may all their soul rest in peace.Another fresh and devastating news is the passing of the hip hop musician Kangol Kid, he also made his name very popular when he was the member of the group UTFO. According to the source he sadly passed away due to stage four of cancer. As much he was Known for being a hip hop musician but you wouldn’t doubt him in being an MC of the event, he was just a legend himself.



The star passed away at the age of 55, he actually join the entertainment industry as a whole at a very young age. He made his name appealing in the Hip hop industry by giving his fans hits sounds like I Just wanna hear you again , Another hug , Embarassing kiss and so many more .The nature of his death was not clear . May his soul rest in peace sir .