RIP: Nokusa Khumalo Committed Suicide, She’s Gone

A counselor is currently trending all over social media for all the wrong reasons after she took her own life, I think we should pray for our political leaders, especially in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal.

Every month, we’re burying our leaders, she didn’t leave any not behind. She was young only the age of 31 may her soul rest in peace, Her family is traumatized by the whole situation. In life, we need to remind our loved ones that no problem is too big to handle or even solve. A few months ago a well-known musician in the form of Ricky Rick also committed suicide it’s starting to feel like a norm in our communities.

She lost her life under very tragic circumstances, in life we need to pay close attention to our loved ones, a lot of people in life are suffering in silence we need to speak up. Taking your own life is never a solution, our family members are being traumatized and they end up blaming themselves.

Bonokwakhe Khumalo was speaking with her over a week ago, she told her about an old granny that had a water crisis little did she know that Khumalo was going through her hell.

Let us normalize reaching out to our loved ones. Her friends received a call out of the blue that she was no longer alive, when they went to her place she was still hanging on a rope. May her beautiful soul rest in peace, she had a lot of potentials to grow and what is sad about her death, she was committed to serving her people with integrity.

Unlike a lot of political leaders, she was not corrupt. This is one of the saddest news we’ve ever received today may she rest gently.