RIP. Mzansi Mourns Top Presenter This Mourning

Jeremy Mansfield, a well-known radio host in South Africa, has died.

On Monday, the death of the man was confirmed to Eyewitness News. After surviving leukemia for 13 years, Mansfield revealed in January that he had been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Mansfield, who was born Robert Jeremy Clayton on August 15, 1963, in Makhanda, had a long and successful career that made many people laugh and smile.

In fact, many people looked forward to their daily commutes so they could tune in to hear what Mansfield and his crew would do next on his show, the Rude Awakening.



Not only did he become famous for his role in the Rude Awakening, but he also went on to work as a sportscaster for SuperSport and the John Berks show on 702.

Mansfield was also a familiar face on television, frequently appearing alongside Darren “Wackhead” Simpson as a co-host of the show Laugh Out Loud.

In addition to being a master chef and co-authoring the critically acclaimed cookbook Zhoozsh!, he has released a series of CDs featuring the best of his on-air jokes and exploits.

He, though, was no stranger to debate. According to TimesLive, he was claimed to have used homophobic slang in a skit in 2019, and he had previously gotten into trouble with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission for using foul language on air.

Then, Mansfield appeared on the YouTube channel Mansfield2day, but his health deteriorated and he had to cease.

His loved ones, Jacqui Mansfield, wife, and Gabriella, daughter, survive him.

Mansfield is regarded as a legend in South African culture for his many contributions to the entertainment industry, particularly radio.