RIP: Mzansi Losses A Reality Tv Star, Entertainment Industry Saddened

This is a heartbreaking concept that is hard to get used to but needs to be accepted because everyone on Earth will eventually meet death. What is heartbreaking about it is that it visits at the most unexpected and unusual times, especially for those people whom many thought would love them for many, many years and not leave as soon as they did. This is true in terms of people’s personal lives as well as celebrities who have lost their lives this year.

Death only leaves behind a lot of heartbreak questions and also the memories of the person who has died. It is quite heartbreaking and so sad because the South African entertainment industry has experienced major losses since last year, and most of these losses have been young people who have so much to offer or had so much to offer to the entertainment industry because they were pure talent. This year is also another sad year here because some loved celebrities have lost their lives due to suicide or crime.


It seems like it has become the norm for fans of these celebrities who have passed on every week to be left in shock and with many questions every single week because it gets reported that another well-known person has lost their lives week in and week out. This time, a beloved reality TV star died, and the news has saddened the entertainment industry and viewers of this reality show.The reality TV star, who is well known as Malwandle, on Umdeni, which is a show on Dstv Moja Love that focuses on an unusual polygamist marriage of straight women and gay men, all married to a man.