RIP: Mzansi Kwaito legend passed away in his sleep. Family says this is the cause of death

Rest in Peace, Tokollo Magesh Tshabalala

A legendary figure in the history of Kwaito music, who was formerly a member of the group TKZee, has died. A statement released after his death, cited by entertainment commentator Phil Mphela, claims that Magesh died as a result of an epileptic seizure. Supposedly, his family member always came across his body after he passed away in his sleep.

Tokollo Tshabalala, who was born on October 14, 1976 in Johannesburg, South Africa, was a musician known for his work in the Kwaito genre. He began his career in 1995 as a member of Mashsmplani while still in high school, and subsequently he teamed up with some of his buddies from that same school to form TKZee. Forbes claims that Tokollo Tshabalala has earned widespread acclaim in South Africa’s music scene thanks to their steady growth of a devoted fan base. Because of their widespread appeal, they are constantly showered with accolades and offers of endorsement.

In addition, SAMRO has issued a statement. “Tokollo ‘Magesh’ Tshabalala’s passing has been met with profound loss. Tshabalala, who went by the nickname “Magesh,” died of an epileptic episode this morning. His loved ones, as well as his many admirers, will miss him greatly. We pray that God will grant his soul eternal rest. #RIPMagesh “as it is written in the release.

Without a doubt, Tokollo was the greatest lyricist in the history of Kwaito. When news spread that Tokollo had become a preacher, he became a media sensation. The world has lost one of the greats. The penmanship of a master. One of the first, a genius, a legend. Magesh, you need to sleep. Your contribution to the music will forever bring joy to our hearts, and that’s a true measure of success in this world.

Photo of the TKZ collective.





Throughout Mzansi, people are mourning the loss of a loved one. Some examples of the sentiments expressed in the #RIPMagesh thread are as follows.

@thembalani I’m sorry, but that’s no man. Just heard the Shibobo song playing on East Coast Radio and thought, “Aren’t they a little late in celebrating Benny’s MUFC job, kanti?” But it turns out that the song was actually an announcement of Magesh’s death. #RIPTokollo

@Biko His witticisms were plentiful. In other words, the swag. Easily the greatest lyricist to ever work in Kwaito. Aye, Magesh! Both Magesh and Tokollo have passed away.

@Maseko snr #RIPMagesh, lala kahle Mshengu, Chairperson of the Association of Independent record companies in South Africa. The giant is dead.