RIP: Legendary Film Maker Mhlanga Has Lost His Life

Today it’s a very sad day for the acting industry as we have lost another genius in the form of Cont Mhlanga. He is no more he was a cultural genius, a filmmaker I think it’s fair to label him a man of many talents.

He was also a grounded political activist unfortunately he is no longer with us.





It was confirmed later last night that he is gone at this present moment we don’t have all the details regarding his death, but he played a huge role in the entertainment industry it’s very rare you see producers and filmmakers get credit for their hard work but he was a legend.

He will forever be in our hearts sometimes in life you are not celebrated while you’re still alive, but he gave us very valuable lessons about life. He was not only a legend but he was a wise man, a genius may his soul continue to rest well.