RIP: Khayalethu Has Sadly Passed Away

Jozi FM paid a tribute by holding a candlelight prayer so that the family of Khayalethu could find closure, it was reported a few weeks ago that their child had fallen into a manhole around three weeks ago sadly for the boy he has lost his life.

It’s a very traumatic experience for his family, may his soul rest in peace right now the family can be able to lay the boy to rest he was missing for almost a month.




A massive amount of credit has to be given to the rescue team they have been searching for the boy for 20 days, it’s very rare in life to find this sort of committee. At last, the family could find closure this is also the right opportunity to remind our parents, to always keep an eye on our children a tragedy can happen in a blink of an eye.

It’s a sad ending for the little boy he was very young, that is the sad part about life we are living on borrowed time.

Prayers and condolence continue to pour for the family after it was confirmed that the boy is dead.