RIP: Isencane Lengane Star Has Passed On

This week has been a sad one for the entertainment industry. On Sunday, it was reported that the South African rapping industry lost a young rapper who still had so much to offer, Tumi Tladi, at just the age of 30. Then it was again reported on Monday that the acting industry had lost another individual who many will remember her for the roles that she played at Phumzile in Ses’Top la and Tumi in How to Ruin Christmas. Busi Lurayi was pronounced dead on Sunday and was found in her apartment. She had passed on at the age of 35.

While citizens and fans of these artists are still trying to come to terms with these talented individuals who have passed on at such a young age, it has been reported that the reality TV industry has lost an individual who many were introduced to on Moja Love, a reality TV show called Isencane Lengane, that many citizens view every Sunday.


Isencane Lengane became known to viewers of Moja Love around the year 2019, when a young teenage couple decided that they wanted to get married. For four sessions now, Mzansi has been fined for watching how the lives of these teenagers as married couples are going. Not only did they get to learn about Thando and Siyacela, but Siyacela’s father became a main part of the reality TV show known as Bab’Dlamuka. Bab ‘Dlamuka,

who is the father of Siyacela, has been suffering from a long illness, and it was also noticed recently on the show. It has sadly been reported that Bab’Dlamuka passed on on the 10th of July 2022. Siyacela’s older brother said that their father was very ill on Saturday morning, so they took him to the clinic. He was then told to be transferred to the hospital, and when they arrived there, they were sadly told that he had passed.

Bab’Dlamuka will be remembered for the discipline he always tried to instill in Siyacela, especially for how his son Alas treated his mother. He will be remembered by many viewers of Moja Love TV as well as his community members. May his soul rest in peace.