RIP|| Family loses young graduate and breadwinner to gun violence

Today is a sad day because we lost Kgomotso at the age of 29, and despite his youth, he was incredibly inventive. He invented his washing powder; the youngster was a genius; he was living evidence that no ambition is too large for a black person to attain; may his spirit rest in peace.


He went to school to find work, and he earned a master’s degree in chemistry. He, like the rest of us, grew up in the ghetto.

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The tragic element of his story is that he died. He was shot on Saturday night and died as a result of his injuries. The biggest reason for our black community’s lack of decent role models is that everytime you try to achieve something with your life, your life is automatically in jeopardy.





Jealousy is one of our most serious issues; may his soul rest in peace; he was meant to go far in life. He was meant to be the one to pull his family out of poverty.

I hope those criminals perish in prison for what they did to him. Kgomotso’s main sin was that he was a visionary, and they couldn’t let him reach his full potential.


Condolences are coming in for him; it’s tragic that our ghetto’s rising talents are being assassinated. May his soul rest in peace; we must pray for our black community; and we must stop murdering those from whom we should learn. It’s reasonable to say that we use our youth virtually every day.

Another epidemic that we are not prepared to discuss is the issue of unlicensed guns. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. May his soul rest in peace. The following narrative is highly disturbing; I hope the murders are apprehended because they pose a severe threat to society.