RIP|| 34 Years Old Nigerian National & Bread Winner, And Dumped At The Back Of Her Office

Miss Joy Uchechi Nwachukwu was declared dead on October 24, 2022, as per Michael Abattam, Imo Police Spokesperson.

According to the complaint, the 36-year-old woman left her home to work at the Cooking Gas Station, Toronto/Road Safety near MCC Road Owerri, Imo State and never returned.

The news title has elicited a range of emotions from Facebook users. Read some of the comments on Facebook from Nigerians who saw the headline:


1. Things happen every day, so everyone should be more cautious and wise in their daily lives than ever before……. Also, before going to work, school, or anywhere else, pray that God would protect the innocent. God will fight your war, sis.

2. Be mindful of those in your circle and the types of people you employ or work with, as this is how God delivered me from my driver and gatekeeper. Rip.

3. There is no longer any value placed on human life! It’s so pitiful!! Let the deceased rest in peace! Every day in our country, there is some sort of unpleasant news.

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