Riky Rick’s Wife Did A Tattoo On Her Hand That Left People Talking After They Spotted This

The tattoo of Riky Rick’s wife has left many people angry and not impressed at all. He was a South African award winning rapper and producer. He was one of the top loved South African celebrities known for serving good music and always leaving people impressed. He was known as the man who believed more on uplifting others and that made many people to fall inlove with him. It’s people like him who uplifted the lives of others in the country and impacted positively on the lives of other prople.

His music is said to have the kind that always leave people impressed. Riky Rick sadly died earlier this year after commiting suicide. He was found hanging by his management team and was immediately taken to the hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival. His death is still a shock and a nightmare to many people as they never thought that they would lose him so early and most importantly to such a painful way. Peoe had wishes of seeing him being more successful and uplifting the lives of others but things did not turn like that.




It was revealed that he was going through depression and his death proved to the world that men are going through a lot and they never find the courage to speak out. Depression has made many people to end their lives and that is really not fair at all. A tattoo that his wife Bianca did on her hand has left many people angry. On her hand people noticed that she did a tattoo of his face. Her hand is fully covered by his face and that has left many people shaken.

They say that she did not have to make a tattoo of his face to prove that she loved him. Others are concerned because she is still young and they say that she should not have done that tattoo on her hand so that she can move on peacefully. Now that she has made that tattoo, people believe that no man will ever want to marry her again when she falls inlove. However people tend to forget that anyone gas the right to choose what he or age wants. If that’s how she wants to remember her late husband, people should let her be and refrain from being too judgemental.