Riky Rick’s Mother penned down a Painful letter to Him – See what she said To Him

Rikhado Muziwendlovu Chifaro Makhado, known professionally as Riky Rick, was a South African rapper, producer, singer, songwriter, and fashion designer. He was also the founder and owner of record label Cotton Club Records Riky Rick was also a member of Boyz N Bucks.

Riky died , later in February after he attempted to commit suicide but, he was rescued by his management team, only for him to die on route to a hospital. Now it appears that we South Africans could have moved on from his death but his mother still carries a piece of him wherever she goes.

Yesterday it was reported by Musa Khawula that Riky’s mom Louisa Zondo has gone to Mount Everest base Camp as part of her grieving process. However, according to Mom Zondo she wanted to go there with Riky before Covid restricted Travel.

Now she has finally made it there and she has climbed over 5000 metres up and all motivated by her late son Rikhado. She touched a lot of souls last night as she revealed that she left some part of him at the base camp on top of Mount Everest.

In her letter, She said that His wife and kids gave her some memories to lay on top of Mount Everest, while singing some Xhosa hymn song, she laid off his Cotton fest T-shirt, and she hung his St Michael chain, which represents his wife and kid’s prayers for him.

She also laid a St Christopher medallion representing her travel prayers and lastly it was a Medallion with Ma-Riky engraving which is a beautiful product of a young talented jewellery store that his friends has opened up in Braam square in honour of his legacy.

See her full message below:

Riky’s Mom has really lost a loved one and we as Online_News 24 we really wish that she finds peace and happiness.

RIP to Riky, indeed we Cotton eaters never die , but we multiply.

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