Ricky Rick’s Family Grant Him His Final Wish, This Is What They Doing To His Music And Pictures

It has only been a few months into the year 2022 and already the South African entertainment industry has lost some of the most talented and legendary artists who will be duly remembered for their craft and how much they contributed towards the South African entertainment industry being what it is today.

One of the people that passed away this year who left many of his fans in so much shock that they still can’t believe that he is really gone to this day is rapper Riky Rick, according to those who have known him and interacted with him. Riky Rick was one of the most humble rappers in the industry and always wanted to see others flourish. That is why he advocated for the industry to be open and for other up and coming artists to be given a chance.



Riky Rick might have given people the idea that he was happy, but he was someone who was suffering from his own mental issues. He passed on in the past few months after committing suicide and left behind his wife, two kids, and his mom. He is one of the few celebrities whose death touched many people, even those who might not have been fans of his music.

It has been reported that Riky Rick’s family granted him his last dying wish. His family has deleted all his images on social media platforms aswell as his music. It is alleged that since his death, his family has been in conflict over his inheritance and royalties. All traces of the rapper have been and will continue to be removed.

Ricky Rick’s Dying Wish| All His Music And Pictures To Be Deleted From Social Media By Family