Rhythm City actress Mapula Mafole in real life

Former Rhythm City actress Mapula ♥
Despite her baby face and petite stature that has many classify her amony teenager, she continues serving inspiration through acting and modelling.





Portraying teenager roles since 2012, her characters often tell stories affecting youngsters in African societies. Her road to fame, quite a bumpy one is an inspiration and she continues to thrive and steps on the stumbling blocks as stepping stones.
After enrolling at AFDA for an acting course, her father comes back home from the UK after years of searching for greener pastures. Life takes a turn for the worst as Mapula’s father suffers a stroke, pushing the actress into a dark place.
The actress is left in the care of her siblings when both her parents relocate to the United Kingdom in pursuit of better jobs. Struggling with the frequent school transfers, she fails to fit in
Piling up all that loneliness and anguish, she eventually falls into depression and battles anxiety. At only 13 years of age, she seeks the help of a school psychologist. It was until she was about to graduate that she regains her confidence and decides to pursue acting.
The actress is a nominee for the award of Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap/Telenovela in the South African Film and Television Awards (2018) for her role in Rhythm City. “I have prayed for this for the longest time. It just came at the most unexpected time, “she says.