RHOD: Viewers excited by Thobile Mseleku as she claps back at MaBusi

Thobile Mseleku is the third wife of business man and reality show alum, Musa Mseleku. Thobile was introduced as one of the new castmates of the Real Housewives of Durban franchise this year. Her entrance has been rocky with many people claiming she was disappearing.

However, she is clearly proving many people wrong on the latest episode.

Thobile has been slowly making her way out of her shell as time has wore on. This week she impressed many people who thought she was fading out. She had a sit down conversation with MaBusi, a series regular, and things might have gotten a little too real.

MaBusi is not even officially a part of the cast and yet she felt it was her place to question why Thobile was on the show. It felt like an attack and Thobile responded accordingly to it. This action has people praising her for standing her ground with MaBusi and with Londie who seems to have inherited LaConco’s personal “beef” with Thobile.

Social Media Response

After defending MaBusi from Jojo, people were annoyed with her choice to pick on MaKhumalo.

One user wrote, “Mabusi leave Thobile alone. Jojo keeps picking on you and looking down on you, handle that. #RHODurban”

While user wrote, “I love who Thobile is becoming Mabusi picked Thobile thought she would bully her kanti (but) no hunni MaT knows her story, akudlwa kuye(don’t play with her!) Mabusi relied on information that she was told by LaConco look now it made her a fool “infront of phambili kwabantu” (other people)”

While an observant user noted, “Mabusi asking Thobile why she’s here??? Rich coming from her #RHODurban”

Personal Thoughts

I think on a show like this it’s easy to curate content out of trying to humiliate someone else. It’s what we expect from the housewives but MaBusi isn’t even a part of the cast. Perhaps this is just her being bitter about not being included and competing with three new people but her attitude was unnecessary. I found myself annoyed that Thobile had to sit through it but she handled it properly. She’s proving that a soft spirit does not make anyone an idiot.

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