RHOD|| Mabusi wins the hearts of viewers. Check this out

The most loved reality show on showmax has gained alot of attention after one on the casts where involved in an altercation that resorted to deep violence between, Mabusi and Jojo. This can after the last episode where Mabusi asked a very sensitive question to Jojo, however she didn’t take that question light because it had all led to the recent altercations.


Jojo became rude the moment she poured Mabusi with water and then later cried hoping that the rest of her friends will acknowledge the actions she had brought upon herself. However Mabusi was very quick to sort her out. As a result that the altercation went from 0 to a 100 in few seconds. Mabusi is a cast member who has been around the show and other housewives since the first show.