REVEALED|| Busisiwe Lurayi’s Death Raises Questions, Look What Was Found In Her Body.

The death of the award-winning actress Busisiwe Lurayi raises questions and South Africans are left shocked by what is found in her body.

South Africans were left shocked when it was confirmed that the actress Busisiwe Lurayi is no more.Many people questioned her cause of death and sadly it is still not yet revealed but something was found in her body which raises more questions.It is discovered that the body of the late Busisiwe Lurayu had allegedly bruises and she was also bleeding through the mouth.

She was found deceased in her Johannesburg home on the 10/July/2022.




The discoveries on her body has brought more questions and people want to know what happened to the actress.The pressure is now on the police to investigate the cause of her death while waiting for toxicologist findings to know more about her passing.It is very shocking that the actress deceased body allegedly had bruises and bleeding through her mouth.

People are worried sick about the incident and plead the police to find the real cause of her death.

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Source: Updates With LolahM