Rethabile, SA songstress allegedly involved in a serious accident

Rethabile, South African songstress involved in accident

Although the singer is renowned for being secretive, she does share her experiences.


“Don’t punish yourself; instead, give yourself an opportunity to recover and begin to hope again! Because you are more than your shortcomings, they do not define who you are. Trust your skills and allow hope to grow within of you. Future attempts at this will be better! NEW SONG AND COMPLETE STORY COMING ON THE 28TH OF OCTOBER,” she penned.

It is very much important for us to pray always. We should tell God about our day-to-day errands. We should alert God about what we want to do tomorrow, the next hour, the week after, the month after, and even the year after. We need to understand that prayer always works. If not for the almighty, it could be worse.

There are people that are very ashamed to pray, you must never be ashamed to pray whether in the public or wherever you are. It is actually a moment of honour just to observe a minute and tell God about your plans. This can help also to save lives, so we pray that she may have a speedy recovery. We thank God that her soul did not pop out of her body.
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