Reportedly| Mampintsha’s mother is still asking for him

It has been a week since Mampintsha was laid to rest. Unfortunately, only a few days later, reports suggested that his mother Zamanguni Gumede had suffered a stroke and was hospitalized.


In response, MaGumede’s daughter Pinky has pleaded with the public to help her with medical bills, as they could not afford to pay for her to get medical treatment at a private institution.

Speaking to reports, Pinky told the publication, her mother continues to ask for her son, whom she has laid to rest on December 30, Zamanguni is said to have suffered from stroke, it seems like it has disturbed her mind. Pinky said her mother is still asking about Mampintsha, and she had to lie and say he is at the airport.

“Even now she is still asking for Mandla and I’ve had to tell her that he is at the hospital. She needs a private hospital and a psychologist to help her deal with the trauma, so she can move on. At the moment we do not have money to give her special health care and we are. Appealing for help”. Pinky said.