Remember the lady she has 5 different boyfriends. See what happened to her

We all know of the polygamous marriage tradition that is very common in Africa, and not as common in the western world. So what a polygamous marriage is, is when a man or woman decides to marry two or more partners, with the agreement of the first wife though. Well, this practice is very common with men and not so much with women, when a woman decides to do it doesn’t normally go as good as when a man does it.

Last year there was a woman on social media who posted images of herself with a hashtag that said “#5differentboyfriendschallenge” and this woman was called names and every bad word that you could ever imagine.

Well, a lot of people were surprised by why she didn’t keep her 5 relationships a secret, but instead, she posts them on social media for everyone to see. In the images, it was her and a different man in each image.

We could say that she is in a polygamous relationship with these 5 men. One thing that we all know is that, if this was being done by a man it would have been somewhat accepted by the majority, but because it is a woman, people seem to be more accepting of men in polygamous relationships than women who want polygamous relationships with men.


Since we’re heading into a world where men and women will be equal, does this mean that Polygomous marriages will be widely accepted for women as well, or are things going to remain like they are now.


I’m certain that out there they’re some who would like to have 2 or more men as their husbands but right now it seems like society just does not allow it, although to be fair it should be allowed so that more women get to have what they want also.