Remember the couple who got married at home affairs? Here is their Traditional Wedding.

A young couple Rele and Shaun a month ago caused a stir on social media after sharing with the world that they got married at home affairs.


A few decades ago, around the 60s it was merely elders who get exposed to marriage, but recently things have switched, we see a lot of young couples’ tie the knot at an early age. How wonderful it is to see the youth get married once they find love, it shows that true love still exists and that they are focused on life.

Shaun the groom takes it to social media sharing with his followers that they got married over the weekend, they were having their traditional wedding, it is in our blood as South Africans to stick to our cultural values, just like Rele and Shaun even though they got married in papers, they still have to do traditional wedding to let their ancestors know they have added a new member in the family.