Remember SABC 1’s Tshisa? See how actors look as compared to how they did 15 years ago

Tshisa, a notable South African drama series produced by SABC 1 and Moja Movie Factory, has been around for 15 years. The debut of the first season aired at 21:00 on September 21st, 2006 on SABC1. Finally, Season 3 came to an end in 2012 with its conclusion.

Bafana (played by Bongani Masondo) and Ayanda (played by Zukisa Matola) enter a presenter search competition and end up co-hosting it, if you haven’t seen the series yet.

Meanwhile, Ayanda’s mother’s eyesight has deteriorated, so she works relentlessly to find a solution for her mother’s condition. Ayanda blossoms into a model, while Bafana’s career finally gains momentum.

Thabo “Baksteen” Lerole, who grew up in the township shacks, meets Bafana, who hails from the suburbs. They form a duo and record music together.

They are exposed to substances like cocaine, heroine, and crack as a result of their need for glamour and glamor. When they get mixed up with the wrong crowd, Bafana is shot in the back of the head and is left paraplegic.

Tshisa is a narrative about the impact of our choices on the people we care about, especially when drugs are involved.

Life choices, celebrity, appeal of flashy clothes, drug addiction, overcoming physical and mental challenges as well as family and cultural ties all play a role in Tshisa.