Remember Little Angela from Generations? Take a look at her recent photos

Many young children her age who were interested in acting were influenced by Dineo. She was leading a life that most young girls could only imagine.

Despite not having an easy life, she managed to achieve everything. The most difficult aspect of it all, in her opinion, was juggling performing and education, as she admitted. She claimed that her schedule was never flexible and that her life was not as luxurious and carefree as it could have seemed to most people, especially her admirers.

This is how much she has grown;




Angela Mogale, a South African actress best known for her previous appearances on Generations, is now an adult who gives us parenthood dreams and is steadily advancing in her career. Dineo Nchabeleng, a member of the nation’s list of young actors, began appearing in films at the age of nine, including the worldwide production Beat the Drum in 2003.

After leaving Generations in 2007, the now-26-year-old actress has continued to shine in major parts on Mzansi Magic’s Ring of Lies, Gold Diggers, Lockdown, and many other dramas for the past 11 years.

She walked away from Generations and changed her attention from performing to advancing her degree. But her talent rests in performing, which is also her passion. Dineo continually works on her acting career and was a part of the DSTV television show The Ring of Lie.


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