Remember Georgina From The Queen; Here Is The Reason Why She Left #TheQueen

Remember Georgina From The Queen; Here Is The Reason Why She Left #TheQueen






The Ferguson Films find themselves trending again after the exist of few actress and actors who were playing the important roles in The Queen. The Queen were left empty and confusing since the exist of Hector, Thando, MaJali and Georgina in the show.

Many fans and followers has been asking about the whereabouts of Georgina in The Queen. According to the source The Queen Actress Georgina has left the show. The Queen Actress is at home and she is said to be dealing with a breakup with her baby daddy.

The actress recently came out to speak out after few weeks she left The Queen. The Queen fans and vow thought that she was going to come back since it was revealed by one of the detective saying that she went to Cape Town.

The character of Georgina used to be played by Sibu Jili. She was portraying the character of a police detective in Tembisa police station. She was a step-daughter of Patronella and Jabulani Mjekejeke. According t9 the source the south African actress Sibu Jili find herself unemployed after leaving The Queen. The actress was left emotional after the Ferguson Films written her off scrip after being in the show for two years.

According to the sources The actress has moved back home in Pietermaritzburg after loosing a job in The Queen. The actress have said that she need a time alone at home to clear her heard after being separated with the father of her second child and after losing a job at the show.

The actress is also said that she going through counseling after the father of her child messes with her life. According to her the father of her second child was scammer who lied about what he do in life. It seems like the actress is going through a lot. After breaking up with her baby daddy in April the actress is now back at home in Pietermaritzburg and unemployed.