Refilwe Modiselle – “My albinism didn’t make me”

Refilwe Modiselle speaks against being called an “albino”, as it’s a derogatory term.

The actress corrects a journalist named , for using the derogatory term while supporting people with albinism.


He said, “ONE LOVE: A friend with albinism is still a friend of mine #StopAlbinoKillings 2.”



“Please can I kindly correct you in not calling people living with albinism as Albinos The correct way is person/people living with albinism As albino is actually very derogatory. A term I’ve had to educate people on for years to stop using. Albino is alikened to plants & animals,” she said.

Refilwe further lectured Twitter users saying: “”Albino” was used to dehumanise people with albinism, originally used for plants & animals. Also its a condition, not who we are! Albino has had a lot of stigma attached to it which needs eradicaton. We don’t say a person is Cancer or Diabetes or HIV. You live with a condition.”

In addition, the award-winning actress said albinism didn’t make her.

“My albinism didn’t make me…. Sure it’s a part of what you see on the outside. It didn’t define who Refilwe is as a soul. I had to make a conscious decision to be intentional in who I am & what I wanted to accomplish for my life. I saw Refilwe first before my skin colour.”

The star responded to questions asked by followers, as she’s fond of sanitizing people.