recent picture of Riky Rick’s wife was posted and people noticed something else

While fans and the entertainment industry mourn the loss of Riky Rick (actual name Rikhado Makhado), they have also remembered his family, including his wife Bianca Naidoo and their two daughters.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Makhado family confirmed the artist’s death with “deep sadness,” and the artist is alleged to have committed suicide, according to unidentified family sources.

During this terribly difficult moment, many people have expressed their condolences to the Makhado family and their thoughts to Bianca. “Lifting you up Bianca,” former The Real Housewives of Johannesburg actress and businesswoman Olwethu Leshabane added. I can’t image the anguish you’re going through. Please accept my heartfelt apologies, Sis.

Bianca is often described as “shy” and “awkward,” and she avoids the limelight. She was frequently seen on Riky Rick’s social media posts, including a video of them dancing together.

The video, which was nice in nature and showed Riky freely enjoying his wife, drew the attention of “netcitizens,” who said Bianca was “unhappy and bored.”

A recent picture of her wearing a t shirt with Ricky Rick on it but people noticed something else about the wife , some thought it was still early and it can be seen in her face that she is not happy.