Recent photo Of Zola7 Before And After Weight Loss.

Check Out Pictures Of Zola7 Before And After Weight Loss.

Its sad that Zola7 is in critical state but no body is doing anything to help him. Fans are worried about his well-being. Zola7 is really sick but his friends and family are not doing anything to assist him in one of the articles it was revealed that he has moved back to his home and his staying with his mother and his kids. Looking back how he used to look like, he has lost so many weight. He has changed a lot since his sickness start to kick. His pictures looking weight jas been share by many people social media with hope that other celebrities will cone to assist him.


Zola7 is one Legend in the country who have contributed a lot in the country. Celebrities love talking when things are really bad. The death of Ricky Rick should be a lesson to many celebrities that they have to check each other. They are now quiet while they know that Zola7 is down to his last point but no body is saying anything or coming forward to help him.

If we were to lose someone so special amd legend like Zola7 right now you will hear any celebrities saying one thing to another in social media. They will be acting as if they used to check him up while they don’t. If I were to remember correctly there was only Cassper Nyovest who tried to reach out to him.

Zola was one a voice of many people in the country more special youth. He has touched many lives with his music. Onenof his songs which makes people of the country cry including ‘Don’t cry’ and ‘Stars’. He brings many hope to many people who lost hope. He also gave us his dance, how can we even forget his “Ghetto” which we once taking the country by the storm.

For everything he has done in this country no body is willing to help

him in his down fall. I mean not even one celebrities are promising to pay for his just wondering if he have a wife and where is she to left him struggling.