Rebecca Malope song to Gardee’s funeral touched so many souls

The Economic Freedom Fighters is one of the party which many artists of different genre joining it, because they believe that Economic Freedom Fighters is the party which stands for their needs.

Gospel Artist like Dr Tumi, has been the member of the Economic Freedom Fighters and regular artist in the events of the Economic Freedom Fighters, events of any kind.

Few weeks ago, Gospel sensational artist, Sipho Ngwenya joined the Economic Freedom Fighters.




Today, Gospel Queen, Rebecca Malope was spotted signing in the funeral of the daughter of the former Secretary general of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Godrich Gardee. Artists who were signing there, were the members of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Now question is if Dr Rebecca Malope also joined the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Her songs posed very important questions. Where is safety of women and children in this country? When will all the killings stop?. Prophetic songs because she wrote them years ago.