Reason Why Mpura Is Trending Even When His No longer Alive

During the Christmas season, Mpura, a South African artist, was once again trending in twotter. It is anticipated that this will be the first Christmas without him for his family and the country as a whole. He rose to prominence in the year 2020 after releasing a string of hit singles. Mpura had perished previously, along with Killer Kau.


Find out why he’s trending on Twitter right now. Fans are still impressed by his songs, according to Twitter, even if he is no longer alive. Mpura (Mongezi Thomas Stuurman) was a South African rapper, fashion designer, and record producer best known for his hit song “Umsebenzi Wethu.”

He is currently trending due to his song Umsebenzi Wethu. Even though he was not around, many individuals who loved his music played his music every day. This year, we are honoring the lives of two of our young brothers, but most significantly, the life of mpura.




He’s back in the news, and his spirit is so contagious that he won’t be forgotten. I hear a Twitter commentor talking about Umsebenzi wethu, which is a good song…but many Twitter users have also voted for Impilo yase Sandton. 2021 is held by Sir Trill, Boohle, De Mthuda, Kabza De Small, Dj Maphorisa, Busta 929, Mpura, and others. They carried out the tasks that enabled the pots to be completed.

So many souls would have benefited from a Mpura brown dash song. What a loss. I can only imagine the fire songs Mpura would’ve given us by now.


Mpura assassinated AmaPiano. He was the best; one can let go of the fact that he is no longer with us and that we will never see him again; his talent was unrivaled. Broel, I’ve been watching his vids recently. Dance moves that are out of this world. Mpura is a great vocalist, therefore combining the two was a dope move.

May his soul rest in peace for a long time