real life for Gugu Gumede ‘MaMlambo’ from Uzalo

real life for Gugu Gumede ‘MaMlambo’ from Uzalo

Gugu Gumede may have been born into a prominent family, but she made a name for herself in the entertainment industry on her own. Her talent and versatility have earned her success and a life that many people can only dream about.

Gugu Gumede 'MaMlambo' from Uzalo

Gugu Gumede took that opportunity to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles with parents who could afford to send her to good schools. After her return, she landed a role in Generations-The Legacy as Mandisa. Her dual role on TV was on Uzalo when she landed, portraying an older woman called MaMlambo.

Gugu Gumede's Sneaker collection-Image Source(Instagram)


Gugu is now a big name in the industry, and she lives a lifestyle of the stars. She has a knack for expensive things like anyone who wants to play hard after they have worked hard. Her sneaker collection that she usually shows off is an example of how she likes expensive brands. Her fashion sense is costly, and she switches up expensive hair constantly. Besides making headlines that she had decided to go natural, she still rocks up inexpensive wigs again.

Because of her fame, she has managed to land partnership deals with several brands. Dark and lovely South Africa partnered with her as a brand ambassador. At the moment, she is a brand ambassador for Clicks with a paid partnership paying big money.

Gugu Gumede's Land Rover Range Rover Sport-Image Source(Instagram)


Gugu moves around in an expensive car. In 2020 she made headlines when she took to Instagram to reveal that she had bought herself an expensive Land Rover estimated to be worth R1.2 million rands. The car is a silver Land Rover Range Rover Sport. She said that she was grateful that God had blessed her in the ‘time of famine’ on her Instagram.


She later also purchased a Toyota D4D Hilux for herself. The actress may have tried to keep it under wraps, but her car dealer tagged her in a post thanking Gugu for supporting their brand and wishing her safe trips with her new set of wheels.

The same week that Gugu Gumede bought her first car, she had signed papers to transfer her first house. She showed some serious boss moves.