Real Housewives of Durban’s LaConco’s 3-Year Body Transformation Is Serving All The Heat

Real Housewives of Durban star LaConco might have been very unpopular with the ladies on the show.

But that has not stopped her from slaying behind the camera’s.

LaConco has seen herself transforming her body in an unbelievable way and this is set to inspire many other ladies to take up the challenge.


In an interview with Timeslive, she told the publication that she had to try different ways to shed weight and she finally found the formula.

LaConco took to her socials and shared a snap of her looking beautiful. In a candid post, the mother told fans it’s been a tough three years since her journey began. She admitted it wasn’t an easy process, saying it can be uncomfortable too.

LaConco went on to divulge that her transformation was a journey which took time.

Many celebrities commented on her post praising her for going on that journey.

The bombshell also mentioned that the time it took was proof of the saying, “things take time”.