Read what Kelly Khumalo revealed that Senzo Meyiwa’s mother said to her when Senzo Passed on? Sad

There have been surprising disclosures about Kelly Khumalo’s relationship with Senzo Meyiwa’s family, thanks to Kelly Khumalo.

On Tuesday, the first episode of Kelly Khumalo’s long-awaited Showmax Original reality series Life With Kelly Khumalo season 3 premiered, and this is what we learned about the singer.

Kelly recalls asking her ex-lover Senzo for help raising their kid and how the soccer star’s family “just loved him for his money,” in addition to rejecting Jub Jub’s Mother’s Day letter and driving Somizi to tears at her first gospel concert since lockup in the dramatic episode.



Wanda Baloyi, Kelly’s best friend, and I were having lunch at Sandton’s Alto234 when Senzo’s mother allegedly confessed that she sought the help of a witch doctor to remove the singer from their lives.

She also claims that Senzo’s relatives didn’t care for him and were more interested with his money while he was alive.

It was clear that Senzo’s family didn’t care for him. She remarked, “They didn’t care for him, he was a moneymaker.”

To this day, I can’t shake the memory of the first words that woman said to me after Senzo died: How do we feed ourselves?’ Your son has died. Is flippin’ food the only thing on your mind? In the end, he’d run out of money every month, having given it all to his family as a last resort. I would personally look after him,” he said.

Thingo, the soccer star’s daughter, has yet to meet Senzo’s family in person (8).

Senzo’s side of the family may or may not meet with Kelly’s child, according to an interview with eNCA recently. However, she said in the episode that her family had rejected her when she was born, therefore she didn’t want to formally introduce her to them.

Because the family has denied that Senzo’s daughter is theirs, I don’t think she will ever meet them.

Do you think Kelly is to blame for making Senzo popular?

She did raise him from his previous status as a soccer player, after all.

Is she kidding? Compared to her, he was a better-known figure.

As though they were all star-sized, someone had been hiding out under a rock.

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