Rea Tsotella: Viewers want Xrepo to intervene after Bishop Makamu fails

Rea Tsotella is a show on Moja Love that is meant to centre around community issues. A family writes to the show to receive help from the show but this week they got no such assistance. It was the age old dispute of marriage in community of property.

I never thought evil stepmother stories were real.

A family wrote to the show because an old woman’s son had been married off without them knowing. After his abrupt passing, his new wife took everything including his house and cars. The deceased has a son and even if his father was married, he is still entitled to half.



The problem became the vulgar family of the step mother. They were swearing at the grandmother calling her all sorts of disgusting names until she cried. Even after all that they got no help with their initial concern. Makamu failed them and viewers were livid. They demanded Mr. X be brought in to fix things.

People took to Twitter to air their concerns and fury about this problem.

One angry wrote, “My blood is boiling watching that evil spirit in pink gown push and shout at gogo!!!Bishop better handle this for gogo or we are sending in X and his Team to humble this family of ugly hearted people!! SEND IN X PLEASE @MojaLoveTv #XRepo”

While another user wrote, “If Bishop fails to assist Gogo today, let X and his #xrepo team take up this matter and release gogo from her misery please @MojaLoveTv #reatsotellawednesday”

A final user wrote, “In most cases. The wife gets her 50% and the late’s children also gets 50% of their father but Makamu is clueless #reatsotellawednesday”

It seems that sometimes the sheer seriousness of the cases presented to him can overwhelm the Bishop. This was the case this week. He failed the family and made it seem like their case was pointless but it wasn’t. Perhaps Xrepo is the correct show for this.

Thank you for your time!