Rea Tsotella: Viewers praise Bishop Makamu for his warning to disrespectful youth

Rea Tsotella has become a staple in the Moja Love lineup. This is likely because of the sense of community it brings with it by trying to resolve issues in the townships. The show has travelled far and wide to help people fix their problems.

The platform is helmed by Bishop I Makamu.

Admittedly, viewers have had their fair share of issues with the Bishops method of presenting. I also have noticed that in most cases, we’re left feeling as though the issue is unresolved. Which is why it was refreshing for the Bishop to have good advice.

In a case where a grandmother was being treated poorly, Makamu took this as a chance to reach the youth. He made them (and most people) realise that treating an elder with such disrespect will only result in things being worse for them in the future.

People were in agreement with the Bishop today





One user wrote, “#reatsotellawednesday These 2 will suffer for the rest of their lives…@Bishop_Makamu is on point today.”

While another user wrote, “Not gonna lie for the time I stand with makama , he spoke so well #reatsotellawednesday”

One user wrote, “Ama 2k nothing comes right in their lives because of such behaviour towards elders may their suffer till death #ReatsotellaWednesday”

As someone while as raised in a traditionally Christian home, it was often told to me that respecting elders is the easiest way to heaven. I don’t believe adults are always in the right, but fighting with a very old woman makes zero sense to me. The Bishop was right about this.