Rea Tells Ona The Truth About Alex And The Zwides But Does Not Believe Her.

Ona lost her family at very young age and did not even know that she is raised by a fake family until 20 years later when the truth about her identity came to light.


When the truth about Ona came to light it broke a lot of relationships with the Molapos and Zwides. She was introduced to her real family which is the Zwide and learned truth about what happened to her mother.

We all know how Ona and Isaac had a very special father and daughter relationship before she knew that she is not her real father. The father and daughter relationship was lost and broken the day she found out about how he was involved in her losing her real family.

It took a long time for Ona to finally forgive Isaac for everything but things took a wrong turn when Isaac was arrested for Alex Khadzi’s death. When Isaac was arrested Ona believed right away that Isaac is guilt because of his past and for lying to her for years.

Rea called Nandipha to give evidence about how the Zwides are involved in Alex Khadzi’s killing and how Isaac came in when everything was done. Rea had a change of heart when Molefe talked with her about how this will affect Ona.

Rea decided to tell Ona the truth about what happened the night Alex Khadzi was killed and who did it. Ona did not believe that until she asked Funani Zwide about it.