CELEBRITY artist Lebani Sirenje, known as Rasta, had social media up in arms again!

He said he wants to share his talent. Rasta took to Facebook on Tuesday to announce that he wanted to start an art academy and needed a name for it. All hell broke loose as people responded to his post.

Rasta is often mocked on social media for his portraits, mainly painted at funerals, and those of celebrities, which are often criticised for looking nothing like their subjects. Rasta had spoken out before about his frustration with people judging his work.

“I’ve been drawing since high school and it’s my passion. It’s what I live for. What people don’t understand is painting is a process and is not a fast one,” he said. Many Facebook users thought he was joking.

  • George Moloko wrote: “Please don’t do it. I’m down on my knees. Don’t even think of opening something like that.”
  • Rebound Percy Mmolawa said: “You’re mad. Your drawing is still in grade R singing: ‘We’re building up a temple!’ How will this be possible?”
  • Masomelele Nkolosa said: “Just get it done. Let everyone decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.”